Legitimate Ways You Can Make Money Online as a Beginner

Josh's PayPal Earnings

Josh's PayPal Earnings

While the term “make money online” has a lot of negative and fraudulent feelings towards it, there are a lot of legitimate ways someone can create their own online job. However, it’s not as easy as you’ve heard. You don’t get to only work 5 hours a week, you don’t make ridiculous amounts of money by doing nothing. You put hard work and long hours in, and you’ll get that out of it. Lets go over some practical ways you can start making money today.

1. Start a blog

If you choose a topic that you like, it may not be as boring as you think. To start, you’d need an investment of about $60 which will get you website hosting and a domain name. With this blog, you can share your valuable knowledge about a subject you are familiar with. You can drive traffic through search engine optimization and monetize your blog with ad networks like Google Adsense.

2. Sell Instagram shoutouts

Most teenage girls have popular Instagrams that have a lot of potential. First, you’ll need to get your initial 5000 followers. This can be done by posting every few days, and buying shoutouts. Shoutouts cost anywhere from $15 to $150 each and can bring anywhere from a few dozen followers to several hundred at a time. If you want help/consulting with buying shoutouts and a package of several shoutouts to skyrocket you into the market, for budgets over $1000 consider using a shout out agency such as ShoutOurBiz. Once you establish your initial following, these agencies will turn around and also sell shoutouts for you, where you’d advertise less popular Instagrams.

3. Freelance

In these first 2 methods, you are creating a brand around yourself and monetizing it. This third method is about selling your skills. If you can write English and were born in the USA or Canada, you can become a writer and easily earn $1.50 USD per 100 words written. If you can write a 600 word article (without editing) in an hour, you can easily make $10 an hour. Personally, I sold coding and programming services throughout my college years which paid anywhere from $25 to $50 USD per hour. Click here to read my advice I have on freelancing.

4. Learn a niche skill

I’m not talking about general skills like word processing, but I’m talking about sitting down for 100 or 500 hours and learning a valuable skill. Do you know what search engine optimization is? If so, do you know how to work the software in that industry? For example, ScrapeBox is a software that automates SEO and customers require certain services involving in. For those of you who know how to work ScrapeBox, there are many people on forums looking to buy do-follow link blasts for their tier 1 or 2 links, for negative SEO or for their GSA SER campaigns. If you don’t know what I just said, that’s a perfect example. I know a skill that others don’t and I can easily monetize it to generate a few thousand per month.

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