NeuronWriter vs SurferSEO: Is Surfer worth the extra money?

SurferSEO has been the standard in SEO when it comes to optimizing articles for SEO. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with them in the last year alone.

NeuronWriter on the other hand has been popular in SEO groups lately. It has gotten a lot of favoritism from the bootstrapped/solopreneur folks. I recently bought like 10 lifetime licenses when they had the sale with AppSumo.


Surfer has a handful of features. They justify their higher price point by venturing close to an all-in-one tool, trying to steal customers from software like Ahrefs. However, while many compare Ahrefs vs SurferSEO, those two tools compliment each other and should be used for different purposes.

For example I’d use Ahrefs for keyword research. Here’s SurferSEO’s keyword research tool. It’s great and offers monthly search volume and keyword difficulty metrics, but Ahrefs does it better.

As for NeuronWriter, it doesn’t offer keyword research. The main focus of NeuronWriter is based on writing content, which is the only thing I use Surfer for.


If you haven’t seen my price comparison of all the SurferSEO alternatives, check that out where I break down the cost of each carefully.


It’s hard to beat the lifetime discount of NeuronWriter. If you have a big budget and like luxuries however, go with Surfer.

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