Custom Built Ebay Amazon Arbitrage Software

I have a few clients who are heavily into dropshipping and Ebay/Amazon arbitrage. I’ve built a couple custom software solutions for them, and I’m looking to open up to more clients.

The features I have in my script/tool are quite lengthy and extensive, but every instance of the software is customized for you, and then you’re taught fully via custom video recordings and 1-on-1 calls. The scripts I write are built around your needs.

Basic solutions start at just $2500. If Amazon or Ebay change, I can code the fixes for your version of the tool for a small fee. My rates are quite affordable, given that I am not an offshore freelancer, but rather an educated professional residing in Toronto, Canada.

A typical solution would go along these lines.

MILESTONE 1: Configure the server. Setup and install all technologies required.

So this is going to include database and server configuration. We need a linux VPS. I’m going to pick mainstream technology from the get-go so down the road, if you ever need to get another developer to take over, there will be nothing to change. We are going to use linux, because linux is ideal for web development and scripts. They are widely available and cheap. Digital Ocean has them for $5 per month. The operating system you can use is Centos 6 64-bit. Next, to store all of this, I’ll install a MySQL server to store the data. MySQL is main stream and can handle lots of data. I believe in the past system, the guy didn’t put the effort into working with databases. Yes, databases are more work for me to program, but it’s worth it to store your data there so it can be easily viewed, searched, manipulated, deleted, etc. Next, I’m choosing Python as it’s probably the most popular language when it comes to writing web automation scripts. Lastly, for you to view all the data, I’m going to install and configure phpMyAdmin with login credentials and a video tutorial (with an audio commentary explaination) demonstrating it for you. I’ll also need to install Apache so you can view this all from a web browser, on any computer. I’ll also send you a video recording, to show you how to login to the server by command line, and see all of my work.

By the end of this milestone, you’ll be able to login to your database via your home web browser, and know how to access all of your data in the database. There won’t be any data yet, but you’ll see the structure and tables. You’ll be able to start entering your ASINs.

MILESTONE 2: Scraping Amazon data into our database

So now you’ve imported a handful of ASINs by hand into the database. Now the script must crawl all of the data, and save it on the server. We will save: EAN, price, max 5 images, description, product dimensions.

MILESTONE 3: Multiple Amazon API accounts and proxy support

I’ll create a table in the database where you can enter: proxy IP and port and the Amazon key info. I’ll keep track of the number of calls we’ve done from each account in the hour. This one is going to be a bit more complex then I thought, since the wrapper for the API will have to be modified to pass through proxies. It’s do-able.

MILESTONE 4: Posting to Ebay

I don’t think we’ll need more than 1 Ebay API account, because we are only using their API to post new products and occassionally update pricing.

Milestone 5: Re-checking Amazon stock and Amazon price + change Ebay

I’ll setup a regular check to check the stock and price and update Ebay. If they are separate (Amazon) calls, that’ll be an extra $50. (Set setting for frequency of checking stock/price)

Milestone 6: Bulk import ASINs

If you want to import ASINs by line separated paste, I can do this in a separate webpage.

Milestone 7: Check Ebay competitor pricing

Remove products and don’t list products if your markup isn’t cheaper than the competition’s.

Looking for an alternative to Profit Scraper, Arbitrage Profit Spy, Aura Profit Hunter, Trackazon, ScanDroid Pro, CleerPlatinum, Arbitrage Pro or Richmelon? Look no further! Buy a custom piece of software, built for your needs and no one else’s, from a reputable industry professional.

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