Who Is Josh MacDonald?

Josh MacDonald is a Canadian author and entrepreneur best known for his collection of marketing automation software aimed to help marketing professionals do their jobs more efficiently. To date, he’s founded two successful software companies and an e-commerce brand – one in high school, one in college and one after graduation, two of which were acquired.

Since starting internet marketing at the age of 14, Josh has helped thousands of businesses worldwide claim their fair share of exposure in the search engines. Back in 2010, he spotted the marketing opportunity to sell pre-made micro-niche Google Adsense sites and shortly after became one of the early adopters of the online craze. That venture gave him enough money to start funding software projects. At the time, Josh had no programming experience so he had to hire out the development entirely. By the age of 16, he sold 6 figures worth of his first software, Keyword Scout. He ran the venture from his BlackBerry when in class and on the school bus and from his workstation in his bedroom in the evenings.

Fast forward 5 years, Josh MacDonald has founded several more software companies and also teaches thousands of marketing professionals intermediate search engine optimization tactics on Udemy, Clarity and his YouTube channel. Additionally, he shares his experience and knowledge as an expert contributor to sites such as Huffington Post, EntrepreneurThe Inquisitr, Elite Daily, LifeHack, Business.com, Startup Grind, Social Media Today and Business 2 Community. At age 21, he published The Non-Technical Founder, a book which he lays out the blueprint he uses to repeatedly build successful internet companies. The book includes his interviews with 24 millionaires and billionaires on their entrepreneurial journey. The book can be found in libraries of dozens of countries as far as Lebanon, Nigeria and China. Copies are also held at the library of prestigious institutions like MIT, Stanford, Yale, Brown and Columbia University.

He graduated with a BSc in computer science from the University of Toronto. Currently he is helping VC-backed early-stage startups grow and taking a break from the bootstrapped world. He spends his free time training towards a 3x bodyweight deadlift, training BJJ and muay thai, contemplating adopting another rescue dog, and volunteering with severely sick children and their families.

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