There Are Agencies That Believe Backlinks Are Not A Leading Factor

You guys won’t believe some of the stuff I get told. Today I was talking with an SEO agency from St. Petersburg, FL. He told me:

Sorry Josh. You lost me at backlinks still being a major ranking factor.

That’s right, he does not believe backlinks are a factor. Why? Well I talked to another agency who had another response:

Thank you for reaching out to usour SEO team does not rely on backlinks as they are not as useful as they use to be.
Matt Cutts former head of web explained how backlinks will become irrelevant in 2014 [in another video].
Yes, that’s right. There are professionals who actually believe what Matt Cutts says. They just don’t see the bias him in. They believe guest posts no longer work, because he said so. Even the most radical lies, there is someone out there who actually believes it.

I had Derrick Yazwa, who runs an SEO agency called ZenLeads, weigh in on these crazy thoughts:
The truth is that sales mean everything. Most SEO companies are shit and don’t rank their clients well, but they can sell, so they keep rolling along regardless.
Let me spell it out for the people who are siding with the agencies that believe backlinks no longer have effect. Matt Cutts works for Google. Google relies on high quality websites to keep their visitors happy. Google relies on an algorithm to rank results, and as a wise mentor of mine always quotes, if it’s an algorithm, it can be gamed. So if someone manipulates the algorithm by figuring out what actually works, then amplifying that parameter, they can rank whatever they want, even if it isn’t a high quality website. This is not what Google wants, because Google wants everyone to play equal so they can properly measure the best sites.

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