Upwork Banned From TrustPilot

Today, after 5 days of pulling my hair out with Upwork (locked out), I decided to search them up on TrustPilot to see how others are feeling about the platform lately with all the changes. Surely enough, it’s banned. Kind of crazy for a company of that size.

It’s not uncommon for shady companies to be banned from TrustPilot for manipulating reviews. We know Upwork is going down a tough path in many facets. Their stock has fallen 86% in 19 months.

Investors are pressuring for revenue, but the only solution they have seem to bring is more fees for loyal customers and freelancers. Scams are elevated (see my story below about losing $30,000 with Upwork).

Let’s not forget customer service is out the window and nearly impossible to reach even for clients who have hired 400+ contractors and used the platform for many years. I’ve been a customer since Sept of 2010 – that’s 14 years ago.

So what does the future hold for Upwork? I really don’t know.

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