Why Learning to Program Changed My Life

When I started out, I didn’t have much money or skills. It was tough to create value. I didn’t have the mindset or skills to get paying clients. I struggled to freelance write in high school, before finally being able to afford a programmer to help build out a software that went on to sell 6 figures, called Keyword Scout.

After that, I decided to push myself to learn to program. Programming not only offered the option to have a steady income from freelancing, but it also gave me an opportunity to create value for clients who didn’t know how to program. It’s a different feeling knowing there are thousands of software ideas out there and they’ll all make me money, as the clients are begging for them.

I no have so many options and opportunities open to me. Any time I want, I can sit down, build out a great product that will turn into a chunk of change. It’s a different feeling when you have such an in demand skill. It gives you so much confidence in your business.

Knowing how to program has now given me the option to hire programmers to work under me, leaving me with the small task of checking over their code for quality and knowing exactly what I’m paying for. In this industry, it’s so easy to get scammed but it’s nice to know that I know what I’m paying for. I can literally pay someone $1200 to build out a software system in 4 weeks, test it and review the code, and turn this system into a 4 figure per month income. When the product creation is handle, that just leaves marketing to me, which I love, and if it’s a good product, it will handle a lot of marketing by itself.

This entire process just leaves it to, getting the idea and validating it by talking to prospective buyers, then writing the spec and hiring the coder. I basically then just review the code and what I’m paying for, and bring it to market. More of my failed products were in the product creation step, but that’s now automated. I’d lose interest after coding for 200 hours when I was only halfway done. I’m motivated but easily distracted to something else.

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