Why Using Metrics to Gauge Domains Is Not Helpful

I’ve sold hundreds of expired domains to all sorts of private blog network builders in all industries. I notice many newbies fall in the trap of metrics, thinking that they should be trusted for all aspects. While Moz’s Domain Authority and Majestic’s Trust Flow are very helpful metrics, there are a number of other factors to consider.

Reason 1: Metrics depreciate on expired domains

I talked to Moz about their metrics to determine their accuracy on expired domains. They told me, once a domain is expired, the page authority will be set to 1 and the domain authority will depreciate a few points here and there until it’s at zero. This means a domain with good backlinks, will eventually end up with a domain authority of 1.

Reason 2: Most data sources won’t factor in all the domains

While Ahrefs has the biggest and most accurate database, their metric is rarely used and people usually use the metrics from Moz or Majestic which almost always have found less of your backlinks. If you could incorporate all of your backlinks to get a score, their metrics could be considered more dependable. Majestic’s TrustFlow accounts for spam the best of all metrics, while Moz’s Domain Authority can simply be manipulated by blasting high amounts of spam as tier 2 do follow links.

When should you use metrics?

Metrics should be used when comparing a massive amount of domains and you want to do a quick and dirty search through a heap of domains. Metrics can help you trim many domains that are believed to be weak from your list, but the accuracy will never beat a manual inspection of the backlinks a site has. I’ve seen domains with a do-follow contextual link from a Forbes article have a domain authority and trust flow of 1.

While automation is great, in SEO over the past few years, we have begun to notice that automated methods such as automated blog commenting is not as valuable as manually inspecting each blog and writing a unique, engaging blog comment. We should also use manual methods to sort through domains.

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