Why I Chose Morgan James

People wonder why I didn’t self-publisher rather than going with Morgan James. Some articles discuss the idea that Morgan James authors are conned into using Morgan James but I think that’s completely false. I chose Morgan James for a few reasons. I’m going to go over the benefits and drawbacks of going with Morgan James rather than CreateSpace, as I did consider this carefully. This is informal review of my experience so far.

The main benefits over CreateSpace:

  • The team is helpful with pushing everything along and educating you on the process. They have the patience to work with first time authors, like myself.
  • They have the ability to place you on the shelves in book stores. I can’t speak for if I get placed, but I’ll keep you updated.
  • They understand internal formatting – something I had no experience with.
  • There’s nothing worse than telling someone you wrote a book, then telling them you don’t have a publisher.
  • They have been used by top marketers like Joel Comm, E. Brian Rose and Russell Brunson, for a reason.
  • They have connections with reputable fulfillment centres that can be sure to integrate with your sales funnel.

The main drawbacks:

  • New authors must pre-purchase books. After you’re published once, you don’t have to do this again.
  • Updating your manuscript costs money.

People also ask me why I went with Morgan James instead of going with a literary agent who could hunt up a big publishing house like Penguin or any of its imprints.

The main benefits:

  • I can sell copies through my own channels at a different price than the stores.
  • When selling through my own channels, I keep a larger percentage of the sales revenue.
  • They can get you to market faster than traditional publishers. My niche is based on technology which is time sensitive.

The main drawbacks:

  • Placement in bookstores is not guaranteed.

I think Morgan James has it’s place in the publishing space. It may not be right for everyone, but it was right for me. So far the first 6 months has been a good experience and I hope I can say the same 6 months from now. Talk soon.

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