Why I Chose Morgan James

People wonder why I didn’t self-publisher rather than going with Morgan James. Some articles discuss the idea that Morgan James authors are conned into using Morgan James but that’s not necessarily true. While I’ve ran into several issues with Morgan James and my experience has been far from perfect (more on that here), I chose Morgan James for a few reasons. I’m going to go over the benefits and drawbacks of going with Morgan James rather than CreateSpace, as I did consider this carefully. This is informal review of my experience so far.

The main benefits over CreateSpace:

  • The team is helpful with pushing everything along and educating you on the process. They have the patience to work with first time authors, like myself.
  • They have the ability to place you on the shelves in book stores. I can’t speak for if I get placed, but I’ll keep you updated.
  • They understand internal formatting – something I had no experience with.
  • There’s nothing worse than telling someone you wrote a book, then telling them you don’t have a publisher.
  • They have been used by top marketers like Joel Comm, E. Brian Rose and Russell Brunson, for a reason.
  • They have connections with reputable fulfillment centres that can be sure to integrate with your sales funnel.

The main drawbacks:

  • New authors must pre-purchase books. After you’re published once, you don’t have to do this again.
  • Updating your manuscript costs money.

People also ask me why I went with Morgan James instead of going with a literary agent who could hunt up a big publishing house like Penguin or any of its imprints.

The main benefits:

  • I can sell copies through my own channels at a different price than the stores.
  • When selling through my own channels, I keep a larger percentage of the sales revenue.
  • They can get you to market faster than traditional publishers. My niche is based on technology which is time sensitive.

The main drawbacks:

  • Placement in bookstores is not guaranteed.

I think Morgan James has its place in the publishing space. It may not be right for everyone, but it was right for me. So far the first 6 months has been a good experience and I hope I can say the same 6 months from now. Talk soon.

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