Why Guest Post Prices Are Not Fixed

It’s a common misunderstanding among some marketers to assume the guest post price you get is the same that everyone else gets. Owners of guest post sites are extremely good at maximizing profit and spotting opportunities to overcharge. If you’ve traveled from the US to an Asian country, you’re probably familiar with the experience. For those who have not, what happens is when you go to Thailand, for example, is they’ll charge you a different rate if they think you’re a tourist, just because it’s well known that Americans are rich. If you speak Thai, then you’ll be able to get a better price. This is why American nomads often get a translator to help them secure an apartment in Asian countries.

This is the same on the internet, of course. If they think you have money, you’ll be charged a high rate. So when it comes to guest post sites, it comes down to your ability to negotiate. Do you consider yourself a good negotiator?

I’ve been quoted $80 or $100 for a guest post and countered with $30. A lot of these sites will accept anything but shoot for the stars, and some people actually pay the first price they’re quoted. Especially people who are new to guest posts and never negotiated. They’ll take the first price and pay it, which is weird.

So it all comes down to your individual abilities. Make yourself appear less fortunate.

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