Users don’t read labels

I own a company called Slide. It’s functionality doesn’t matter, so I’ll save you the time and won’t explain it. 

I’m sitting here on a Friday night, watching HotJar recordings of my users, to see where I can improve.

This particular user filled out his/her information, and like many other users, is too lazy to read the labels on the buttons. So instead of clicking “Save” like they should, the user clicks the “Delete” button.

But it doesn’t stop there. I figured this would happen, so I threw in a confirmation box before people did this.

Guess what – the user clicks confirm, immediately! Boom, account is gone. They are redirected to the homepage, so not knowing what they just did (because they refuse to slow down and read) they go to login again. For the next 3 minutes, I watch the user attempt to login again, and sit there, puzzled when they receive an error.

As a web developer, it’s not just my job to write good code, but to build a good UX (user experience) by having a detailed UI. More on this in my book.

However, the changes I have to make are:

  • Make the save button blue
  • Make the delete button red
  • Make the save button the same size as the delete button or bigger
  • On the confirm dialog:
    • make the confirm button grey
    • the cancel button blue (this will encourage clicking cancel subliminally)
    • change the confirm button label to “Delete” – in hopes by chance they may finally start reading labels
  • After account deletion, have a page that explains why the account was deleted

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