How To Get An Engaged Twitter

My Twitter has thousands of real followers which I have obtained through a number of ways. People tend to claim they are “social media expert” but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert. I just understand the system. Here are a few tips to get you to my level of engagement.

Post regularly

People will forget who you are if you don’t post daily on Twitter. I like to hit a minimum of 3-4 tweets a week, but my aim is 2-3 a day. If you get too many thoughts in one day, save them as drafts and post them on a day when you don’t have the creativity or time to craft tweets.

Post at the right time of day

You can schedule tweets, but I don’t. I like to tweet anytime from 9 AM to midnight. You could post earlier. People are always on Twitter at night, so that’s a safe bet.

Do not post links

Links are the spam of Twitter. Unless the link is of direct benefit to you, do not post it. Do not share interesting articles. Instead, take a screenshot of a good paragraph, crop it, and post that. See next point about images.

Do not post many images

I don’t get that great of results with images. Post them if they’re really good, but do not post many. Probably 1 out of 30 tweets of mine are images.

Do not retweet others

This is the same as links. Retweets can be viewed as spam. You want people to retweet you. Do not shove content in your audience’s face unless it’s of benefit to you. You do not get any benefits unless it’s a friend’s tweet, etc. Retweets don’t benefit you as much as you think they do.

Post your own thoughts, not copied

This world is in need of creative and original thinking. Twitter is spammed with popular quotes. Instead, try to make up your own quotes and explain yourself. Craft a specific way of thinking for your followers. My most engaged and popular tweets are simply random thoughts that I came up with.

A popular tweet of mine, containing advice that I came up with throughout my day.

Follow tons of other people

I use Twitter as a producer, not as a consumer. I do not view other people’s tweets, unless I look on a specific person’s timeline. I never view the newsfeed. That’s why I am not worried that I follow 5,000 people. I follow people because it makes them feel good and makes them engage in my content and retweet me. It’s these people that power every tweet to thousands of people using retweets, so following them is the least I can do. If you’re going to automated this, make sure you automatically unfollow others so your following count is always less than your follower count.

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