The Most Affordable Popunder Networks for Cheap Real Traffic

When it comes to driving traffic to your website without breaking the bank, popunder networks are a viable option. Though the traffic quality is generally lower, these networks are known for their low minimum deposits, making them accessible for smaller budgets. Here, we explore some of the most affordable popunder networks based on their minimum deposit requirements and overall reputation.

1. RichAds – $2 Minimum Deposit

RichAds is the most budget-friendly option on our list with a minimum deposit of just $2. This network is ideal for those who are new to popunder advertising or have extremely limited budgets. Despite the low cost, it offers a range of targeting options to help you reach the right audience.

2. – $5 Minimum Deposit is another economical choice with a minimum deposit of $5. This network is popular among marketers looking to test the waters of popunder advertising. It provides a user-friendly platform and efficient customer support, making it a reliable option for beginners.

3. – $10 Minimum Deposit is well-known in the popunder advertising space, offering a minimum deposit of $10. It provides a high level of customization and control over your campaigns. The network’s competitive pricing and reputation for delivering results make it a popular choice among advertisers seeking affordable traffic solutions.

4. PlugRush – $25 Minimum Deposit

PlugRush requires a minimum deposit of $25 and is a great option for those looking to step up their advertising game. It offers a wide variety of traffic sources and detailed analytics, allowing advertisers to optimize their campaigns effectively.

5. ClaroAds – $50 Minimum Deposit

ClaroAds, with a minimum deposit of $50, provides an accessible entry point for advertisers with moderate budgets. The platform is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in delivering real traffic, making it a solid choice for many marketers.

6. AdOperator – $100 Minimum Deposit

AdOperator demands a minimum deposit of $100, which is higher compared to others on this list but still affordable. It is recognized for its extensive reach and reliable traffic. The platform offers robust targeting options to ensure your ads reach the right audience.

7. Propeller – $100 Minimum Deposit

Propeller is another well-known network with a $100 minimum deposit. It offers a wide range of ad formats and targeting capabilities. Propeller is favored for its broad reach and the quality of traffic it delivers relative to its cost.

8. AdCash – $100 Minimum Deposit

AdCash, also with a $100 minimum deposit, provides a comprehensive platform with advanced targeting and reporting tools. It is suitable for advertisers looking for more sophisticated campaign management and a wider range of traffic sources.

9. EzMob – $100 Minimum Deposit

EzMob, requiring a $100 minimum deposit, is known for its high-impact advertising formats and effective campaign management tools. It is a good option for those who want to explore different ad formats within the popunder category.

10. ExplorAds – $200 Minimum Deposit

ExplorAds has the highest minimum deposit on this list at $200. Despite the higher entry point, it offers a vast inventory of traffic and advanced targeting options. This network is suitable for advertisers with a slightly larger budget who are looking for more refined campaign control.


While the quality of traffic from these popunder networks may not be the highest, they provide an affordable means of driving visitors to your site. Whether you’re a beginner with a limited budget or a more experienced marketer looking to experiment with popunder ads, there’s a network to suit your needs. Start with lower deposits to test the waters, and as you become more comfortable, you can scale your campaigns accordingly.

By leveraging these affordable popunder networks, you can effectively boost your site’s traffic without a significant upfront investment.

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