The Best (And Worst) SMM Panels On The Internet

Social media panels are insanely popular right now. The amounts of services they offer range from Instagram followers to TikTok views. The problem in this space, is there are a lot of scammers. I’m going to be updating this blog post with some of the best (and worst services) I’ve used. Every month I spend over $1000 on different social media services, so I think it would be useful if I shared some of my findings with blog readers.

The Best

Let’s start with the best. These are some of the services I’ve used over the past decade or so.


YTBot is one of my favorites. They are a custom panel, not a reseller. When it comes to YouTube, they offer some of the best services. However, even though their name suggests YouTube, their services expand beyond YouTube, so certainly check out their offerings. It’s a bit limited in terms of offerings but that’s expected. Anyone who offers a lot of services is likely a reseller meaning the quality will be spotty.

The Worst

There are no shortage of bad experiences on these platforms. Here are some of mine.


SmmRaja has an awful reputation when it comes to customer service. I have experienced it first hand and also read reviews. My main issue was, even though their prices are unfair, their customer service consciously chooses to not help when given the choice to be helpful or not. I need receipt for my transactions. So if I load the account with $950 then I’d like a receipt sometime in the few weeks that follow for it. However, they refused to generate 2 separate receipts for my deposits. Separate receipts are essential

Given they were unhelpful (and honestly kind of rude) with such a simple request, I know how they’ll act in other requests. Check out the review below which backs up everything I just said.


Well these guys are straight up scamming. I got taken to the cleaners on a $400 test and then after taking a few more to the cleaners a few weeks later he was banned on the forums for dodgy activities. I don’t think this one needs further explanation.


BulkFollowers took a 4 week vacation and ditches all his commitments for the time being. This is a standard thing in Europe to just disappear on vacation and drop all responsibilities, but this is odd behavior for anyone from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, etc and generally unacceptable behavior. It’s been a while since I’ve tested the service but you can read a bit more about his escapades on the forums.


These guys are pretty solid, but they’re just ridiculously expensive. The owner has a spotty reputation on BlackHatWorld but I know he does well financially. There are certainly some hefty margins on these services.


These guys are the kings of reselling. They’ve had a bad rep for poor quality but it’s getting better. They’re pretty massive and have been around for a long time.


Really liking these guys customer service after a rough start. Sadly they only accept crypto which is why I stand fairly neutral but this is a great product so far. Happy this relationship turned around. They offer custom filters and push notifications that a lot of different panels don’t offer.

Here is a friendly reminder on how to place the order properly:

  1. In the field -LINK- : URL to the Instagram account OR post where you want to redirect people
  2. In the field -QUANTITY- : Amount od DMs
  3. In the field -USERNAMES- : just put the link of the account you want us to collect users from
  4. In the field -HASHTAGS- : specify the text of the message for sending

As it’s mentioned on our website and BHW, the pricelist is following:

Instagram Mass DMs with PUSH notifications
50k DMs – $2.8/1000
100k-300k – $2.3/1000
300k-5M – $2/1000

For your balance of $500, we can send 218k DMs with Push notifications. Or you can try any other smaller amount. For example, if you order 200k, then you will have $40 left on your balance.

Don’t forget that we have different filters that you can use if needed 🙂
Filters are already in a price, there no additional costs for filters.


Had an experience, good or bad? Let me know! Reach out on Twitter.

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