Summary: Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything!

The author starts by claiming that the world has become a lonely place and no one feels indeed connected with someone. The world over the last century has increasingly become detached from our societies and that a large number of Americans have never interacted with their neighbors.

In social media, big businesses have introduced new tools to make it a mass marketing platform to mass audiences. Marketers have come up with automation tools like HubSpot and Buffer to pump out streams of generic memes and article reviews. Social pages such as Facebook and Twitter are now filled with ads and company promotional posts. Tools such as Instagress, Salcedo, and Archie have been used to set out automation to make company likes, comments and follows. This has taken out the ‘social’ out of social media.

The power of Intimate attention.

The secret is connecting with one person at a time. While prominent organizations are sending emails to thousands of subscribers based on their list, you will send one email to one person. As ‘goliaths’ are sending filling their social media pages with memes, you just answer a question for one person in an online group. While Goliaths are using social channels, i.e., Bullhorn you will start a real conversation with a person. Kevin states that it helps in beating the competition from big companies.

He clarifies in simple terms and handy techniques on ways to create a loyal fan base who will respond to call for action and ways to deal with trolls, beggars, and complainers.

Kevin pointed out businesses and individuals who don’t give their responses even though having given them a lot of money for products and services and when he asked for contribution to his book he got no response

Kruse emphasizes the value of personal attention, intimate attention (as he called it) in a modern world of fake or shallow connections. He claims that it is better to have a small and an engaged list than huge list emails and followers. Stories from high profile folks such as millionaires, rock stars, and celebrities have confirmed that it becomes a nuisance when they attempt to develop personal connections with their followers.

Kevin states that the real key to intimate attention is the consistency such as replying to each mail and messages on social media.

The book also has a portion where there are records of highly successful people’s mini-interviews as it provides more understanding and perspectives on how Intimate Attention can be cultivated on difficult platforms which are suitable for their businesses and it increases revenue.

The content of the book is useful and functional to readers. Through practical illustrations especially in “text me” part, it becomes an effective method of leaving a mark in a reader’s memory. He shares his experiences which becomes an essential aspect in couching readers. The book is a useful guide for small business owners, freelancers, bloggers and leaders who want to grow their active audience.

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