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The Difference Between a $15 Guest Post and a $250 Guest Post

I don’t know about you, but I like to make as much money as possible for the work I do. I learned a while back, to do this, I need to target the right audience. I don’t want to target the freelancer who makes a living off $5 Fiverr gigs, but I want to target the NYC agency who has no clients under $1000 per month. To do this, you need to first have a brand, and secondly, you need to offer the utmost quality.

Lets picture a big client, lets say they sell mattresses. They sell $10 million in mattresses a year. They are coming out with a new matress technology and they want to get into niche blogs. So they reach out to blog owners by anyway possible. First by manual email outreach, then by going to webmaster forums like Warrior Forum and then finally by going directly to Upwork or People Per Hour to find freelancers who offer this.

The email outreach method returns very minimal results. Few people ever get back to you, unless you really have your guest post outreach down-pat. If it’s overly promotional, it won’t be very easy. Getting a guest post to win a backlink is one thing, but a guest post on your entire company, is another.

The method of going to webmaster forums and talking to people on People Per Hour return very similar results. People return a pile of garbage blogs for <$50 and no one comes through with anything of your caliber or expectations. Lets take a look at some of these blogs.

They have:

  • Terrible design. Most of them have a terrible layout. Sometimes the menu doesn’t show up right or the CSS styling is messed up and buggy.
  • No content niche. Some of these sites, they’ll be about “travel” in the domain name, but they’ll put any content on it. Basically, anyone who throw the $10 or $20 in the pot, is going to get their post up.
  • No Facebook or Twitter audience. This is 2016 and social signals have been a factor for years now. Any blog that doesn’t have social profiles setup is obviously fake and won’t have much of an effect on your Google rankings and is a waste of money and time.
  • No quality control. There is no moderation on what gets approved and doesn’t. This doesn’t come down to just the niche, but the content quality and also the nature of the content.

Then on the other hand, you’ll find a blog that fits these requirements.

  • They have a great design. The site loads very fast, the logo is nice, the navigation menu is fantastic.
  • The content is very technical and about a specific niche.
  • They have a small following on Facebook and Twitter.
  • They make you pay $25 or $50 for the article to be written by their own expert writers, to keep the quality of the blog fair. No one wants to get a guest post on a blog that has no moderation. I don’t need the guy after me posting about something horrendous.
  • They charge a lot to keep the barrier to entry high. If a low quality site gets a guest post and they get de-indexed, all of it’s backlinks may be up for manual inspection, which would include the guest post site, and therefore may cause your site to suffer a penalty.

So make your guest posts super high quality, change your fixing, build a brand and solid connections. Sell your $200 blog posts to the same agencies every time and deliver quality so they buy 3 more posts from you. Business is more fun when you make more money, so charge $xxx per post like I do.