Stop Caring So Much About Keyword Density

There’s nothing more irritating than a content writer or even an employer who talks endlessly about and prioritizes keyword density. This is not 2010 anymore, keyword density no longer has any positive effects on the ranking of your content.

When it comes to optimizing your content for the search engines in 2016, there are better ways to do so than optimizing keyword density. The 2 main points are user experience and synonyms.

User experience drives social shares, a low bounce rate and a higher CTR in the Google SERPs. All 3 of these signals are proven to have an effect on SERPs. By providing valuable content, from a high quality and passionate writer, users will be tempted to share your article or blog post on social media. Readers will also be less likely to bounce and go back to another search result, hoping for better content, which is a big negative ranking signal.

Secondly, articles should use synonyms of the target keyword. If your keyword is about “backlink removal” then you should expand on the word “backlink” and the word “removal,” to add synonyms and also related keywords to the text. After looking up “removal” in a thesaurus, you’ll see “delete” and “elimination” are related synonyms and should be mentioned in your article. The word “backlink” is associate with terms like “SEO” and “link building” which should also be mentioned. This is the basis of the latent semantic analysis that Google does to detect relevant content to show in the SERPs.

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