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StockX banned me for denying an unauthorized transaction

Let me tell you about a customer experience from hell. StockX is a platform for people to buy and sell limited edition sneakers and other apparel. At 4:43 AM, I received a notification that my PayPal was charged for $364.36 USD. StockX I saw this notification about an hour after it came in and immediately emailed their support email explaining this unauthorized charge. I hopped onto the StockX website to find that the email address on file for my account was changed. I immediately clicked to unlink my PayPal from StockX before another charge would occur. I discovered that someone purchased a Supreme x North Face backpack and had planned to ship it to Paris, France. After no response for an hour, I decided to log into PayPal to place a hold on the charge, before the money was gone for good. What happens next? They ban me for denying the charge.
Josh, We will be suspending your account indefinitely due to a chargeback via PayPal. We cannot risk another future chargeback from your account. We do not allow any returns, or exchanges on StockX. Thanks, Russ
Finally, a support agent reaches out to my original email, saying they cannot find the fraudulent item that was purchased. I go to login to StockX so I can send over a screenshot about the fraudulent email and the page loads blank, because my account is disabled. So how exactly did this happen?
  • StockX allows you to easily change the email address on file without confirming the change from the old email. This means receipt emails for fraudulent will avoid your inbox.
  • The PayPal link they have in place must not require a password to re-login via PayPal before purchasing
Figure it out, Russ.
Josh MacDonald
Josh is an internet marketer and entrepreneur best known for his SEO knowledge and software such as SerpClix and Keyword Scout.

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  1. What an awful company – hope they get things figured out. Try calling them.

    1. I told them to call me, and the support agent (Jan) told me: “We are not a call center, therefore this our only form of communcation.”

      Apparently you have to be a call center to have a phone.

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