Software To Prune Inactive Instagram Followers?

It’s a problem many Instagram marketers get into. You build up a clients account and you get to 10,000 followers, but the problem is, you’re only getting a couple hundred likes. Your engagement is way down now due to Instagram’s new newsfeed algorithm that tries to determine the more relevant media to show. Now your account just looks silly due to the low engagement. Even though your 10,000 followers are real people, few of them ever like and some of them don’t even use Instagram anymore.

Additionally, some people purchase Instagram followers and regret it down the road.

The question is, how do I delete Instagram followers?

So I’ve decided there must be some sort of option out there that does the following:

  • Goes through your past dozen or two dozen photos and gets the usernames of the likers. How far you scrape depends on the activity of your account. Personally, I post about 3 times monthly, so a dozen of my most recent photos would be enough.
  • Then, it merges the usernames into a file, removes the duplicates and then you add in all of your followings (friends, famly, etc) which would be another couple hundred people. We will call this, our whitelist.
  • Next we build a second list by scraping all of our followers.
  • Then, we take the list of followers, subtract the whitelist and now we have a list of people to unfollow.
  • Lastly, we simply block and then unblock the people in that list, which will remove them as a follower.

For the time being, I’m going to code a script to do this, but if anyone runs into a similar problem where they want to get rid of inactive Instagram followers, don’t hesitate to reach out in case I make a commercial version or service.

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