Popcash.net Review

Popcash.net is an affordable popunder network with a low deposit minimum. I got started with just $5. These inexpensive pop networks often don’t offer the best quality traffic. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a decent network that can generate sales. Otherwise, you might use it to inflate Google Analytics metrics, for example, if you’re trying to meet traffic minimums for a specific program.

I tested the minimum CPM of $1 twice, spending a total of $2. You can see in the GA4 image that on both July 2nd and 4th, Popcash reported sending around 1,000 impressions to my site, but GA4 recorded fewer than 300 impressions each time. This discrepancy suggests that the actual CPM is closer to $4, rather than the $1 CPM claimed by Popcash.

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