How to Make Your Website Look Legit

So many people wonder why their website can’t get links from big sites and why no one want to guest post on their site. The thing is, people are only interested in websites with real authority. Deciding whether or not a website is authoritative, is entirely based on based. This checklist will help you design your website in such a way that you’ll attract high quality inbound links from top websites, and it will also make your website a desirable target for guest posts, which are an excellent way to bring in more visitors and traffic.

  1. Have a custom designed image as a logo.

    Search Engine Land logo

  2. Have unique content, high quality and useful content. Content that you or your friends would enjoy reading. Boring articles are easy to spot, and easily signify that the site could be a private blog network or a low quality churn and burn website.

  3. Use related facts and link to government or educational sources for each fact you use. Use Google queries like filetype:pdf combined with the topic you’re writing on to find related studies.
  4. Have a Facebook like button to like your official Facebook page. Facebook pages show commitment by the website owner. Most private blog network sites do not have Facebook pages, and thus it’s an easy signal to detect if a website is high quality or not.
  5. Have attractive images for each article, everywhere, like this site.
  6. Have a bio, or at least the name of the article author, like this:

  7. Have long articles, that combine lists and other styling, among paragraphs. Don’t just post a long meaningless blurb of text. This article embeds lists within lists to add value.

Lets look at some websites that are considered low quality, and figure out why they don’t deserve quality links.

This website is about “The Best Non Stick Cookware Set.”

  • The website uses the default WordPress theme, just replacing the images.
  • The domain name and the site name is about “chicken coop plans” but the article is about cookware.
  • The article clearly is trying to rank for a long tail commercial keyword, like “best non stick cookware.”

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