Long, Keyword Injected Titles Still Work In 2016

Now, I’m thinking of doing a big data case study on this, just to confirm my claims here at scale. Tonight I was browsing some local SEO competition and what I found interesting was how many local businesses rank with low domain authority and link juice, purely due to stuffed keywords.

There’s a point where backlinks and link profile can only do so much, then it comes down to onsite factors. The results with the heavier backlink profile and the white hat on site SEO were sitting on page 2-4, while the keyword stuffers sit high on page 1.

Take a look at these search results. Notice the results that are local businesses, and then check the length of their titles. You’ll notice that out of 6 local businesses, 4 of them have titles that are too long because they inject their titles with keywords.

search engine results

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