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I’ve worked with dozens of content providers. I have freelancers on Upwork who are each paid ~$75 per week to keep my sites up to date, and I have freelancers from Warrior Forum, Black Hat World, and Digital Point who do the rest of all of my content needs.

I generally break down my content into 3 tiers.

The first tier is the $5+ per 100 words price-point. This involves sales copy, viral content, and anything you know will be read by thousands of people in a specific industry. This content is where your brand is on the line and you need everything to be perfect and highly researched. These writers are generally full-time writers and can write whatever you need. They’ll give WSJ’s writers a run for their money.

The second tier is around the $3 per 100 words price-point. This involves money site content, but it’s not necessarily something you would find a huge amount of reader value in. You might get a few shares on the article, and the content is highly readable because they’re native English, but these writers are generally part-time writer who don’t have any education on writing.

The third tier is around the $1 per 100 words price-point. This content is readable and can be used as filler content. This content often appears on private blog networks and should only ever be used on money sites where this content won’t be read.

This is my list of writers I’ve used. I will be updating this list regularly. If you’re a writer and would like to get on this list, you must have a sales thread on Black Hat world or Warrior Forum.

Tier 1:

Jared255/Boston Hype: Jared has been my go-to provider in the $5+ per 100 words range. If you need content for your homepage of your money site or you need a guest post that is well researched and carefully crafted around a target website, Jared is your go to guy.

Tier 2:

Lemon: I’ve fired a lot of my writers in this range recently, and so I tried a couple new providers to replace this tier. Fortunately, I tried out Lemon’s service. He’s been around the forum for a while, but just started offering his services. If you are looking for a writer in the EST timezone, and you want a TAT with just a few hours, get ahold of him!

Tier 3:

redstone.1337: At $3 per 500 words, I really didn’t expect much. However, they followed my lengthy instructions to build the PBN content that I need. It’s decent PBN content for a dirt-cheap price. I am using this for some client sites, to rank for some really long tail, high OCI keywords. So technically this is on the money site, but on a deep inner page, where the user will be prompted to exit to a landing page.

Services I’ve tried and won’t use again:

These services are not bad. Some are just services that I have used and just won’t use again, neutrally. 

TextBoss: Okay service all around, but we got into some heated arguments in the past, so I’m avoiding this service for now. I’ve also been told a similar story from friends who ordered from him.

flc735: I have zero patience for long response times and ignored emails. He delivered an article after ignoring 2 emails, by then I already had a new writer. It was a big argument, and he then threatened to shit list me if I don’t pay for the late article that I no longer need. So I paid. Won’t be using again.

iPresence Business Solutions: Working with these guys is like working with the government. It’s marked up, so you don’t get what you pay for. They don’t have a BST thread, so they are not accountable to their work. A number of people such as him and him have had nasty experiences with him.

FuryKyle: I ordered an article back near the start of the year. It took 7 days or so to fulfill. I just can’t deal with these long TATs.

Blue World/MartysW0RLD: Probably some of the worst customer service. I paid for 24 TAT, their order form broke and they have no interest in fixing the problem. Screenshot of conversation here. More info on page 9 of the thread.

priyankanx: I tried this service for my tier 3 content and it was okay. Few mistakes but he offered to correct them and went offline.

keywordspot: This guy just can’t get the content right and follow the instructions. He messed up the first article, and offered to replacement, to only have the replacement article have the exact same issues reported in the first article. Waste of time.

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