It’s never worth it to take calls from Meta’s “marketing pros”

This doesn’t apply to only Meta. Nearly every big ad network has a team of reps and those reps are broken into tiers.

Meta’s for example, is split between those who spend under $250k per 6 months and those who spend over. If you spend over, you get a fantastic rep. They have an extensive background and offer great insight. They might even take you for a nice dinner on Zuck’s tab.

However, if you spend under $250k, you get a “Meta marketing pro”.

These people have been caught lying to get you on the phone. They also ignore your questions, and usually talk over you, without any substance or real answers.

Personally, I’ve been on a handful of these calls earlier in my career but over the past few years have stopped talking them because my experiences have been just like the others I linked above.

A quick way to vet the “pro” is to ask them for their LinkedIn. If they are unable to provide their resume, they’re likely not an ad buying pro. In fact, it’s probably a fake American name with someone overseas who is paid on a per-call basis to get you on the phone and spend more money.

To close this out, I’ll leave you with an email from a Meta Pro who can’t get their [tags] to work.

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