It’s Easier to Play by the Rules Than to Argue the Rules Are Stupid

Governments, friends, family, and employers alike all set forth rules expected to be abided by. In the situation of government rules, those are the toughest to change and require intense lobbying which may not even work without immense existing power. For example, laws set in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may not agree with the rules, and you can spend your time explaining to others why they’re silly but if you choose to not abide by the rules with the purpose of setting an example, the personal punishment you will have to endure will not be worth the little to no changes your actions will invoke. You could have spent your time on something that will in fact better your life rather than trying to take on a problem too big for your abilities. Focus on a problem with a size you can handle.

Governments with rules set forth in law are not the only rules we should probably play by. Friends and family have deep emotion invested in certain opinions or topics, say politics and such topics should be avoided – even if you believe their thinking is ignorant or not correct. Life is hard, but it’s even harder for stupid people. So let their poor thinking exist and continue to play by the rules.

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