Idea Bin

Here is where I list business ideas that I don’t have the time, resources or interest to execute:

Phone number investigation service

We all get random local numbers calling us but don’t want to pick up. Provide a service that offers to call these local numbers and figure out the name. If you were suspecting a mid-20s male, working best if you were a female, your conversation would go something like “Hi, is this Chris?” and he would reply “No, it’s John” or “No, who’s this” and you’d reply “It’s Natalie, you gave me your phone number last week,” hoping he’d fess up his name. This service have both commercial and personal uses.

Paid Wikipedia alternative

Too many people have big egos these days. Everyone wants a Wikipedia page but they can’t have them. Design up a bad-ass directory of people with a top notch design and a social following and you’ll have people begging for you to post their profile so something cool like that comes up on a Google search.

Fake Instagram followers removal service

The era of buying fake followers is at its peak. The general public, not just marketers, are buying fake followers and regretting it. Nothing looks worse than 15,000 followers and 10 likes. There needs to be a one-time service that sniffs all inactive followers who haven’t liked a photo in X days, and blocks then unlocks them which will delete them from your followers, on most social media platforms.

Guru Exposing Blog

There are enough gurus out there who sell garbage. I always say, “go where the money is, and it will all work out.” The people that follow gurus and search them, they have money, because they buy all their products. Gather large insight on gurus, expose them, and sell the prospective buyers a better product.

Local Review Database

Crawl Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and other business review sites, and then sell the leads or access to those leads (say $47/month to access your panel) to ORM companies.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Sometimes optimizing the speed of a website comes down to more than just installing a few plugins. Every site requires an advanced analysis, before randomly guessing plugins to fix the problem. There is need for a service that offers a speed optimization service as too many webmasters just don’t understand how to do all of it.

Instagram Automatic Likers

There a lot of black hat social providers out there that provide social services. No one has created a service that contains an army of 100-500 accounts, all with their own proxy (yes it would be expensive), that like every photo posted by the buyer’s account. You would be charging $49-250 per month so the costs involved of programming, accounts and proxies would be well-covered for.

Top [Industry] Website

There are popular directories where companies can pay to feature on them for both advertising and SEO benefits. One of the most lucrative and successful examples of this is They charge agencies $500 per month per category, which can add up to $15,000 per month for an agency to list in every category. This can be done at a smaller scale with dentist, lawyers and other industries. Your domain authority needs to be high, so agencies can see it as worthwhile to list their high paying clients there.