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How to Manipulate Domain Metrics

Question: How do I get a domain authority or trust flow above 50 without getting penalized by Google?

Spam a buffer site redirect that blocks search engines from crawling it!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Method 1:
User-agent: googlebot
User-agent: yahoobot
User-agent: microsoftbot
Disallow: /

<META http-equiv=”refresh” content=”3;URL=”>
<a href=””></a>

Method 2:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} googlebot|yahoobot|microsoftbot [NC] RewriteRule ^.*$ – [R=403,L] Redirect 301 /

Josh MacDonald
Josh is an internet marketer and entrepreneur best known for his SEO knowledge and software such as SerpClix and Keyword Scout.

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  1. Hey Josh. Whats the benefit of doing this? Will it help rank the money site? Also, are you spamming with GSA etc?


    1. I’ve tried it with GSA with good results. It can have an effect on the money site, but for people who are obsessed with metrics, this is for them. If you just want rankings, you need to look at a plain private blog network instead.

  2. Interesting. Just one question: how do you increase your metrics without spending a lot? GSA spam+ high TF comments + sape?

    How much do you usually spend before selling it?

    1. A nice package of high TF SAPE links will run you about $50 per month. A GSA list is $5 on Fiverr and Captcha Breaker is $110.

  3. I would hate you as a buyer, but I have to admit, it’s a great trick 🙂

    How do you get your site to high DA and TF inexpensively? GSA spam+ high TF comments + SAPE?

    Can you recommend any specific providers?

  4. What is advantages if google not going to see that matrics and backlinks on our site?

    Just to showoff tf?
    Blocking google helps in ranking still?

  5. Hey Josh i realy like your vids.Was wondering is there any way i could get you to send me some search quiries for web 2.0’s like Livejournal,Tumblr,Twitter etc.
    I am trying to get some to rebuild on a regular basics.It would be appreciated.My name is Mike and my email is man and i will continue to watch your vids as they are interesting.

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