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How I prioritize my ideas

Most creative people have tons of ideas. Regardless of what you or others may think, most of your ideas could probably be profitable. Lately I’ve been looking at new ideas in a different way. I’ve been sorting them by time – in two ways. First, time to market. How long is this idea going to take to get users, and eventually sales? I am getting bored of doing software companies that are 6-18 months in development before I start seeing money and that is on the quick side of things in the startup world. I am starting to turn to my ideas that show signs of potential revenue within 30 or 60 days. Second, is the idea reliant on time? Is there an advantage to launching the idea now vs waiting 6 months? If it can wait 6 months, you should always wait and look at something that needs to be done now. There’s very little benefit in rushing to market if the idea isn’t time sensitive.
Josh MacDonald
Josh is an internet marketer and entrepreneur best known for his SEO knowledge and software such as SerpClix and Keyword Scout.

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