How I Get The Best Niche Content For Next To Nothing

For all of you in local SEO, pay attention.

So you have a local client in a targeted niche and you need content for their blog. Not just filler garbage content, but content that will get read, shared and enjoyed.
My strategy is to offer customers of your client a gift card for in exchange for an article written by them!
It costs the client half the price because of their natural profit margins, and the customer loves it.
Some of the customers of the local business will be very passionate about the product/service and can offer some excellent insight. The type of insight writers cannot and do not have, by trade.
I had a customer write a 1700 word article, that got plenty of views from local customers and prospective customers, and then it only costed a $51 credit, on a 95% profit margin product! That’s $3 per word if it were cash, which is still a steal!
Doing this got me first of all, great content. I don’t mean their grammar and writing ability was great, but I mean their knowledge was spot on. Most writers don’t know everything about specific industries. If you run an automotive shop, it’s hard to generate content without someone very knowledgeable. How about a free oil change for an article? Offer that to your top 3 customers who are very frugal. They’ll eat it up.
This obviously doesn’t work in some niches but it does work in many if you’re creative.
Try it out, offer a gift card or free service in exchange for an article by one of your most knowledgable customers. Another thing I should add, is they’ll know the area. In rural areas or small towns, it’s hard to earn backlinks and get a decent following compared to competition in the big city. However good content that talks about other top businesses in town will attract reciprocal links and will also gain you social signals.

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