How Finding Expired Domains Works In 2016

For all the noob search engine marketers out there who think the following cold, hard truth is a lie because other domain sellers say it is, I really hope they rip you off and teach you a lesson. There are way too many noobs out there that don’t know what they’re buying.

Back in 2014, you could simply run a crawl and find a bunch of domains that have been expired months or years ago with great links pointing to them. However, everyone has picked up on the power of PBNs and the hunt is becoming competitive. Any domain that has been dropped for over 6 hours is generally going to be of lower quality because there’s reasons the rest of us didn’t take it. All the good stuff is recently dropped, as in just minutes or hours ago. We’ve already checked the stuff that dropped years ago by now.

In 2016, we face the power of automation. Many big “vacuums” are sucking up all the good domain names and you’ll know the if you’ve ever picked through who owns large groups of ICANN registrars.

The large majority of expired domains available are either not powerful enough or have been used in spam before, like a Chinese or pharmaceutical archive history.

If you’re hunting for a specific niche, you have to understand that there is probably nothing available in your niche at the time. You have to catch them as you see them come available, when the drop each day.

I personally keep an eye on about 1,200,000 amazing domains, and when they drop, which about 45,000 have in the past 2 years, I get my buyers to register them. If I were to register all 45,000 so I can cover every niche, I’d have an annual cost of $450,000 which is just not worth it when the average buyer hardly has a couple hundred dollars to spend.

Instead, when people want to get their own domains, or when they want to buy them, they have to watch for them to drop. It’s a running process. There is no money in keeping a running “stock” unless you’re in the $300+ per domain bracket.

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