“Josh, Help Me Make Money, I’m Poor”

Most people who make money, generally choose to keep quiet about it because it brings unnecessary complications into their lives – one being beggars. If you know me, I’m not necessarily good at keeping attention off myself – or maybe it’s the mystery and vagueness about my work that attracts so much attention.

I get hit up on Twitter and Instagram more often than I would expect by people looking for handouts. Sometimes they want free consulting, or sometimes they want money.

The world owes you nothing

Contrary to what you may think, nobody owes you anything. No one owes you health, love, respect, loyalty, friendship, happiness or money. For some reason people think they’re entitled to my help and get upset when I don’t offer it. If you can’t respect that, then I probably won’t respond.

I already helped

The reason I wrote a book is not to make money. In fact, it costed more to write it, edit it, promote it and launch it, than it generated in royalties. The book was my way of telling my 60,000 word story to as many people as possible, as I was getting tired of repeating the same story to everyone in my life. So when someone hits me up for help and they haven’t even read my book (not even a pirated version), I lose interest in helping immediately.

Okay so $8.00 is too much to spend on an ebook that I sunk thousands of hours into. You could ask your library to stock it. Every library has a form you can fill out and they’ll buy and stock a book for you – just go request it. Or, have you read my blog, or any of the content I put out across the web? I’m chatty and I’m always writing or giving out free knowledge somewhere. Google me and scroll through the first 10 pages. You’ll find lots of material to keep you busy for the evening.

People pay for my time

I charge for my time – shocker, right? You don’t work for free and neither do I. My consulting starts around $300 per hour and companies are happy to pay for it when they think I can help them with something.

As always, if you’re an enjoyable and pleasant person to be around or to talk to, I don’t mind helping with the odd question, and neither do most entrepreneurs. You can send me questions via Twitter, where I often reply.

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