Summary: Futureproof – 7 key pillars for digital transformation success

The book is meant to help companies to cope up with the change that is happening all over the globe. It’s called Future-proof because it gives the reader a framework, a methodology, and tools which will transform any organization into the sort of the company where change often turns into opportunities and success. It focuses on companies which are highly adaptive such as Nike, Ford, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. The book states that if you are a business owner today, the business will either radically change in the next ten years by fading or dying.

Young companies have focused their attention on a possible approach to technology incorporation and market leadership that combines the best of the old and the new.

It studies how choices are made and achieved to make the right decisions while other companies fail to do so. It also figures out ways to evolve with the changing times. The results show that the companies focused on seven fundamental pillars that when they are combined they created a right mix of mindset, skills, and abilities that are adaptive, fast in innovation and turns change into a strategic advantage. These seven pillars of the area of focus are; experiences, people, change, leadership, culture, technology, and innovation. Every company studied showed that it invested and prioritized in its ability to make itself future proof


Good business has continuously been about creating a consistently fantastic experience. The success of a company is determined mostly by one’s emotions this is because decisions made whether logical, facts and real-world are never immune from feelings since preferences and personal bias towards a particular brand or a good influence the purchase. Some companies can impress their customers consistently and includes Apple, Disney, and Tesla.


By 2020, millennials will comprise about half of the global workforce; this helps in understanding the changes in transforming workplace and collaboration tools. Millennials rely on efficient workflow which is largely different from those of our predecessors that has vastly led depression of millennials due to limitations of productivity and collaboration tools by past eras. This has led to developing apps, mobile devices, and social media. Tools such as emails which are full of inefficiencies are being replaced by fast messaging apps, desktops by laptops which has reshaped workplaces to fit their collaborative styles.


Most successful companies put change at the heart of their business model. This is because customer behaviors progress faster than companies, therefore, it is essential to respond quickly to make the difference between winning and regular brands.


Unlocking innovation potential and become game changers in their own right.


As stated in the book; deep awareness of data is vital in planning and implementation of strategies. Collection of useful information and requires knowledge to convert data obtained and prioritize developments.


Culture is the most important as it’s the building blocks of a future-proof business. The business should be set according to their beliefs and ways of life to be accepted.

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