Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Expired domains are becoming increasingly valuable in the SEO world and being able to sift through them quickly by checking how many editorial links they have is invaluable. While domain authority can be very useful, it’s sometimes accurate. It’s entirely possible to have an expired domain with a domain authority of 10 or 15 but have 3 or 4 editorial links that carry serious link juice.

If you watch my videos on YouTube, you know I hate on metrics often. Even trust flow isn’t that great. The amount of sites that I’ve ranked with PBN domains with a trust flow under 5 is absolutely ludicrous. While everyone is out hunting for those spammed PBN domains with TF20+, I’m grabbing all the good stuff under the radar and finding some expired domains with some seriously undervalued backlink profiles. Majestic’s trust flow is good to judge spam. Moz’s domain authority is better to judge link power. More on this in my videos.

I coded a tool that checks the Moz domain authority of a list of domains, and also counts the editorial links for each domain. This software is very useful if you’re hunting for expired domains yourself, rather than hiring it out. The software only works on Windows, as most of my desktop software does. If you’re also a Mac user like myself, you can use this, or pick up a cheap Windows computer to run your software, like I do.

Fill out your info here to have the software emailed to you.

Everything here is free. You can use a free Moz account, instead of your main.

If you have any problems, please reply in the comments below. Emails regarding free software are ignored as I just get way too many emails in a day to try to respond to everyone who needs help. As always, there is pay per minute consultation available on the contact page if you need anything. If this domain authority checker and editorial backlink counter helped you in anyway, please let me know in the comments.

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