For Those Of You Still Not Using Rank Trackers

There are many of you who are using rank trackers already, so this post isn’t really for you. However, there are a few who have not yet jumped onto a tracking service.

I’m not going to recommend a service in this post, just because this is not supposed to be an affiliate or promotional post, but rather an informational post.

You have so many keywords, URLs and days. Multiply all these out and you have thousands of data points and it’s hard to visualize what works and what doesn’t without a rank tracker.

With a rank tracker, you can see which keywords are improving, which are not, which are steady and how long they’ve been like this. Day to day, it feels like some of my keywords never move, but then I realize I’m at #3, when I was #120 for a highly competitive term just 12 months ago.

If you don’t have a rank tracker yet, you’re causing yourself stress and disorganization and you should jump on one immediately. There are many affordable options on the market and some even have a free tier, or trial.

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