Facebook Has No Defence Against Black Hat Marketing

In this day and age, fake reviews and like jacking among other black hat marketing techniques are becoming increasingly popular. And from what I know TheMarketingHeaven.com is a major player when it comes to getting plays and likes. Like jacking is a Javascript manipulation which places a like button under a website’s visitor’s mouse when they are visiting a website. This allows websites to generate high quality and targeted likes on their Facebook page for free. If the visitor is signed into Facebook, and they make a click on your page, the visitor automatically and unwillingly likes the page. They are unaware of doing it.

Additionally, black hat marketers can purchase fake 5 star reviews on several marketplaces around the web. Both of these tactics are unfair and should be taken seriously by Facebook. However, Facebook shows zero interest in fighting the matter.

For example, I was looking at a page just today, it had 15,000 likes but 415 reviews. There are not many companies of that size who have that many reviews, especially products. Most companies that get this amount of reviews are local businesses or corporations where the customers are very opinionated. People generally don’t turn to Facebook to review products, but rather Amazon.

Unnatural facebook reviews to likes ratio

It doesn’t take a rocket science to notice that 80% of their reviews were made on the same day. Additionally 414 of the reviews are 5 star while just 1 is 4 star. That is far from natural. Even the best products in the world receive 1 star reviews.

Fake facebook reviews

I went to an inner page on their website, and there was a popup box. I closed it out. After doing so, I went to their Facebook page, to see that their website used a like jacker to like their page on my behalf.

Liked facebook page

When it comes to fighting against these black hat marketing techniques, there are not many options. Facebook allows you to report pages, but none of the options available really suit the given situation.

Report facebook page options

Additionally, when you try to report a single review, there is no option to report it.

Report facebook review

When I confronted them about these techniques, their responses were pretty typical. First they blamed it on their competitors. Once I accused them of like jacking on their own website, they pretended they didn’t know it was against Facebook terms of service.

It’s a shame that Facebook really doesn’t have the options available for users to report matters like this. Sure, if you dig around you can find a Facebook contact but does the average member know that? Absolutely not.

By hardly putting up a fight against black hat marketing techniques, there is very little risk to doing techniques like these. If they had a proper reporting system in place, black hatter may think twice before using these techniques but as of right now, there’s no sign of them stopping.

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    Hi Josh,
    Fake or not fake Facebook page about many likes, comments and shares but Google still see this is good authority from social signal that ?

    what do you think?

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