Example Sales Decks: iHeartMedia + Amazon

Having example sales decks can be useful. I’m always asked by industry friends to send over decks, because of how useful they can be to learn from. Even if you’ve been in the industry for 15 years and make a few million dollars a year, you can always learn from how others are pitching themselves.

I also hate getting spammed and iHeartMedia is always spamming me. Maybe someone here can benefit off the spam.

Here are the decks (3 attachments):




Here’s the cold email they send with it:

Hoping this email finds you and the team at [company] well.

I wanted to reach out today to personally introduce myself and see if it would be possible to set up a time to speak this week or the week after, as I would be pleased to share some opportunities for [company] with iHeartMedia.

Additionally, I also like to share that I love what you are currently doing marketing-wise on social media, as it’s very creative and engaging. I also really respect what you are doing as a company, as [company] is truly a premium product that provides true custom precision nutrition to each individual, and as a person that takes health and wellness seriously, I am definitely going to be a customer.

If you aren’t already aware, iHeartMedia is the number one media company in the US with insight and data on millions of registered users, and health & wellness is a core category for our company. We can hyper-target various interests and demographics including the HNW & UHNW consumers through our exceptional, targeted capabilities with OTT, digital, podcasts, social, influencers, events, etc. I am presently speaking with health and wellness companies about custom opportunities that will generate the necessary interest and awareness to create real results for them, and I know we could do the same for [company].

We also have some incredible partnerships that just came online that raise the bar quite a bit.

For instance, we recently became partners with Amazon & Amazon Advertising, giving us access to Amazon Shopping Behaviors for targeting OTT (Streaming TV) campaigns.

Amazon has created customer audiences based on what people stream, browse, watch, shop, and purchase. As an example, the Amazon + iHeart partnership allows companies to reach the 74% of audiences reached by Amazon OTT who were not reached by linear TV. Furthermore, Amazon OTT complements our iHeartOTT product by adding access to IMDb TV, Twitch, Fire TV News, and Amazon data targeting, allowing us to provide companies with opportunities to generate exceptional interest and awareness to create real results for them.

I believe that this new partnership could provide even more amazing results for [company], and I’d be grateful for the opportunity to set up a discovery/CNA call with you, and any other team members you would like to bring on.

Please kindly let me know what would work for your schedule and I will follow up with a meeting invitation.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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