Easy Backlink Strategy For Retail Businesses

interactive map business directory

So you have a client that isn’t ranking where it should be. They’re sitting on page 2, and beating every competitor on page 1 by every SEO metrics there is. The client is TF30 and the competition is all under TF20. You have a blog with fresh, shared and engaging content and the competition doesn’t. Your design is top notch and the retention is high. What do you do? Keep building links.

Unfortunately, once you get all the citations you can, where to go from there is sometimes tricky. Do you opt for editorial links or guest posts? Editorial links are pricey and guest posts are not always available in every industry.

Luckily, there are more citations you can get if your client has a store. Many stores, from automotive shops and family owned grocery stores to gas stations and apparel stores, often sell a number of different brand names in their stores.

Many of us have clients that are behind in the times. Their website is from 1998, but it hasn’t been updated much since. They have some of the fundamentals like a strong Facebook following, but they have forgotten one easy method to generating more traffic in the door, and more backlinks!

The thing is, most big brands have a spot on their map, usually an interactive map, search engine or directory where customers can “find a dealer.”

interactive map business directory

You can see from this dealer of Airhead tubes, they list all of their local dealers with a solid dofollow backlink. Getting on the list is as simple as emailing them and filling out a form. They’ll often send you a bunch of promotional products for free too, which they call a “marketing kit.”

These sites have massive domain authority and being listed here won’t only be good for SEO, but your business-oriented client will see immediate value in being found on that page. It will result in more phone calls, website hits and people through the door which is a clear win.

Some of your clients will have a few links, but if you sit down and go through your distributor’s catalogue and all of the product on the shelf, you’ll have dozens, or maybe even hundreds of websites to contact. The best part about this is, you can usually have your client’s staff do this, and spend their downtime listing all of these. I did that for one clients. Two girls are consistently listing all of the products in the store and catalogue on the respective directory. This costs me nothing as an SEO specialist, but I do get credit for the boost in rankings and traffic when the client sees the monthly report.

Using this strategy, you will be able to double the backlink profile of some of your clients.

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