I Tested The Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes For A Brand

Growing an e-commerce brand can be tricky. Paid ads are a common channel, but they don’t convert without some level of social proof. That social proof starts with an active organic profile. Today I wanted to share reviews of a handful of popular services, because many of these services are selling fake engagement, which isn’t helpful.


Viralyft is not as popular as many on this list, but it was one of the better ones I tried. Delivery started within 5 minutes of ordering. They accept credit card. Many of the profiles looked real. About 10-20% of them had active stories, which is always a good sign when looking for real vs fake accounts. The accounts were a mixture of people, brands, etc.


This one is probably the most popular. I tested their “premium” likes. Similar to Viralyft, the account had stories, actually a higher percentage of them did. The accounts did have profile pictures as well, but the captions were weird, and many accounts didn’t have engagement. The photos were also weird, like this photo of a random tennis match on television. The accounts were mainly of people, particularly female accounts. Many European, and mostly non-English.


Similar to the 2 others above, these account had stories. Some had people profile pictures but some had the “New York Hilton” logo as their picture. I wouldn’t say this one is better than Buzzoid because it has less people and more random accounts.


This one had a minimum of 500 likes which was not ideal. If you’re growing a brand, 500 likes is a bit sketchy.

The upside however, these were real accounts. Stories, bios, real comments, likes on every post. The account are without a doubt, real in every way possible. However, the accounts are mainly Indian. If you’re trying to target a Western market, this one is still not the answer.

More to come.

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