Ahrefs vs SEMRush vs Moz vs Majestic

Let’s talk about the biggest SEO crawlers in the space and do a quick comparison.


  • The largest crawler, meaning the most accurate
  • Minimal bugs
  • Has been the best for a while
  • DR (domain rank) is hard to fake
  • Expensive


  • Been around for a while
  • Used to be mainly for paid analysis and not SEO
  • Recently got much better with SEO
  • Cheaper than Ahrefs and so it wins some attentions
  • Unique audit features when compared to Ahrefs


  • The smallest crawler
  • The most inaccurate
  • Free and so it wins attention from SEO workers in 3rd countries
  • Metrics regularly inaccurate
  • Domain authority (DA) is easy to spam/fake and so it means nothing
  • Should never be used


  • The best topical analysis of all tools
  • Cheaper than Ahrefs but also not free
  • Trust flow (TF) is probably the hardest metric to manipulate/fake
  • Citation flow (CF) is similar to Moz’s DA where it can just be spammed
  • The most unpopular on the list

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