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About Me

So you want to know my life story, eh? Well, I grew up in a small rural beach town in Canada. I spent the better half of my younger years living at the beach and around boats. I started working online as an internet marketer at the age of 14, just around when high school started. I knew since I was young, I wanted to build my own way, carve my own path, because I saw it could be done, watching my dad grow his small business. I started freelance writing online, which paid about $5 USD per every 500 word article. This ended up funding a web creation business I started which did pretty well for me. The website creation business then sparked a software idea which I developed, known as Keyword Scout.

By the time I graduated high school, I had already started and finished many successful online ventures. I went onto Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario to study computer science before transferring to the University of Toronto for computer science. I’m scheduled to graduate in Summer 2017.

Until then, I am working on a couple ventures, trying to stay focused which is about the biggest obstacle at my age. There are thousands of excellent business, software and app ideas out there, it’s just a matter of executing one properly until the very end. As I said before, an idea is worth nothing until executed properly. To execute ideas and stay focused, I generally have several remote staff working for me on all of my projects, to keep things moving forward and give myself more free time.

My software ventures generally fall in the online marketing realm, concentrating on aspects of internet marketing such as search engine optimization. If you’re interested in seeing my projects, click that button at the top of the page.

Outside of business, my hobbies involve flying planes, shooting guns, boating and socially golfing.

Outside of business, my hobbies involve flying planes, shooting guns, boating and socially golfing. Above is a picture of my long hair before I donated it to the Canadian Cancer Society.