A Lucrative Business Any College Student Can Start

I’m asked on regular basis, what is an easy way for a college student to make money. Well, the easiest way to make money is by offering something that is in very high demand and offer it at a fair price. You’ll make lots of money. In college, there are lots of students who, instead of focussing on the clep study guide, are desperate to make money in their spare time. Most students don’t have the luxury of a schedule that permits a part time job with scheduled hours.

The easiest way for a college student to make money is by freelancing. However, you’re probably wondering what kind of skills you can find on campus. Pretty much all students, regardless of their major, are essay writers and a fair chunk of them are good at it. Skilled English writers are hard to find in an economy where we outsource everything to offshore workers. They don’t have the English ability that we do.

A good student can likely pump out 1000 words in an hour. Article writers are paid anywhere from $2 to 6 per 100 words. Even if you only pay the student half the profit, you can easily scale this business across many writers and build something worthwhile. If you can sell a modest 5000 words per day at $4 per 100 words, that’s $200 per day in revenue.

Another talent you can find is programming. Second year computer science students are worth a lot of money in the workforce. They are at the turning point in their career where they are reaching the skill level to be employable. A couple loyal programmers can be the basis of an excellent in house programming service.

Now, you’re probably wondering where you should find these students. The easiest way is to post in your school’s Facebook group. Most schools have a group for jobs and internships. Message them and find out who feels reliable and has the best communication with you.

So lets say you’ve found the students. Where are you going to promote your services? The best place is online forums. There are tons of marketing forums out there that are always looking for services. Warrior Forum would be one of many options to list a thread. If you need help finding more places to offer your services, just shoot me a Tweet or email.

By offering writing or programming services online, you can fill a very large gap in the demand these services have.

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