7 Twitter Accounts You Should Consider Following

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Internet marketing often times comes down to networking and Twitter is a great way to do that on a personal level. Usually business owners manage their own Twitter accounts unlike official Facebook pages for a company.

Let’s countdown to the best people you should follow…

#7 SEMrush

A great blog backed by a legendary SEO tool. You can expect frequent tweets of case studies, tutorials, and other industry insights. The information presented is well thought out and by multiple authors, thus allowing you to learn from multiple people.

#6 Search Engine Journal

A syndicated news agency dedicated to search engine news exclusively. If you’re an SEO it’s a great place to learn the latest as it pertains to search engines. They were established in 2008 and have a long history of breaking Google related news stories.

#5 Thomas Smale

Co-founder of one of the largest web brokers on the net – Thomas Smale tweets about the state of online real estate. From website evaluation guides to start up news, you can get it from Thomas’ Twitter handle.

#4 Tai Lopez

Known by some as the knowledge guy. A great source of tips on self-empowerment that touches lightly on the Internet Marketing industry. If you would like a refreshing break from data crunching this is a great follow.


A relatively new blog by Entrepreneur Joe Mongan. It covers everything from industry news to in-depth tutorials that show you how to make money online. IMPULP is known for its bold truth telling journalism. If you like news that reaches out and grabs you, this follow is for you.

#2 Neil Patel

The man famous for creating Hello Bar and Kissmetrics – Neil is a great person to follow for a mix of “how to” blog post. His case studies are some of the best in the industry covering every aspect of blogging and user experience.

#1 Gary Vaynerchuk

A tell it like it is entrepreneur, author, and hustler. Gary is famous for his new book #ASKGARYVEE which is a great read. Follow him for uplifting Tweets that highlight the true sense of what it means to be successful in life.

That’s it! Go follow these top 7 people now to make your Twitter experience better. If you have people you recommend my readers follow just comment below with a link to their Twitter handle and we might include it.

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