How to charge $3,000 per guest post

I enjoy getting cold emails. It gives me insight as to how others are making a buck. Today I heard from a “magazine” who charges $3,000. They claim their email newsletter has 95,000 subscribers.

Their traffic is below 1,000 visits a month and their DR is 49, which isn’t all that bad, for $50-250.

Hi Josh,

I am Rachel Nelson with Construction Tech Review Magazine and I am glad to share with you that [company] is shortlisted to feature among the “Top 10 Construction Tech Startups 2023” in our upcoming annual edition on Construction Tech Startups.

[company]’s construction tech solutions will be showcased with a full-page client-centric profile illustrating how your exceptional solutions enhance the construction industry’s efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. You can utilize the reprints of the profile in your selling efforts, which will persuade your prospects to associate with you and convert them into clients. The vast majority of our previous clients have shared that profile reprints have enhanced their prospect-to-client conversion rate.

Along with converting more prospects, [company] will receive lots of business inquiries as this edition will reach out to our 95,000 subscribers comprising Project Managers, Construction Engineers, Contractors and supervisors, Construction Contracts Administrators, and many other senior executives.

Josh, in this edition, we will also have invited thought leadership articles from VCs, Corporate Investors, and Incubators working for the Construction Tech Startup ecosystem.

[company] will receive unlimited print and digital rights of the profile for 3000 USD, which also includes a Certificate of Honor and Recognition Logo. [company]’s profile will be hyperlinked to our website so prospects can directly reach you.

Josh, I would like to connect with you to discuss this recognition and why top companies prefer our reprints.


And here’s the follow up after I didn’t reply.

Hi Josh,

I am following up on my earlier email about [company]’s feature among the ‘“ Top 10 Construction Tech Startups’. I want to explain how you can make the most out of this recognition by opting for the reprint rights, which gives you extended coverage in this edition.

Our existing clients have benefited from this exposure in the magazine. Most importantly, they have used the profile along with recognition to assist them in their PR and selling efforts, which enhances their exposure in the Industry and also gave them a jump in their prospect conversion rate.

Please inform me of your availability to discuss how you can make the most out of this unique recognition. I look forward to your response.


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