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3 Stupid Things I Do to Close More Sales Over Skype

Selling over Skype, not by calls, but by text messages is something that’s not commonly covered in mainstream selling books or courses.

1. I act like I’m too busy

I’m always super busy and I end up getting even more busy when these customers see I don’t have time for them. When you appear to have a lot of customers, they understand quickly that there’s a reason you’re busy, because you’re customers are happy and your work is in demand.

2. I act like I don’t need their sale

If customers under you don’t desperately need their sale, you must be doing alright and know a few things about what you’re doing.

By accidentally portraying these 2 personalities, I am able to get more sales. This is a perfect example why I believe success breeds success.

3. I offer time sensitive discounts or special offers

Once you offer a deal that is time sensitive and special to their needs, they will be pressured to buy. Once they leave for the day and sleep on the idea, the chance that they’ll come back and want to buy is going to half or less.

Josh MacDonald
Josh is an internet marketer and entrepreneur best known for his SEO knowledge and software such as SerpClix and Keyword Scout.

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