Over 20+ SEO Terms and Definitions

Here marks the start of my glossary of SEO terms and definitions.

Blog network: A collection of blogs, owned by one identity, used to place backlinks.
Search engine: A website that displays relevant websites to a search phrase such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Private blog network (PBN): A blog network that doesn’t allow outsiders to post links.
Public blog network: A blog network that sells links to the public.
Backlink: A hyperlink on a website used to push link juice.
Link pyramid: A backlink strategy that pushes link juice through layers, leading to the money site. Each layer of webpages link to the webpages in the layer above, which eventually leads to the money site.
Link wheel: A backlink strategy that involves a circular link where each website received a link from one website in the pyramid and links to another in the pyramid, and also links to the money site.
SERP: The search engine results page is what is shown after a search on a search engine.
Link juice: A measurement of the flow of authority and ranking-potential that is pushed from a website, through a backlink, to another website.
Click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of viewers the click a link or an ad.

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