1 Tip That Stops Most Teenage Entrepreneurs From Scaling Their Online Business

Making money online is by no ways easy. Everyone wants to do it. Nobody wants to get up at 7 am, and go work for someone else in a cubicle for 5 days a week. Kids realize this early in their teenage years and because of this, most internet markers are under the age of 25, but most of them hardly make any money.

These kids put in tons of hours every week, but have almost nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, a 3o or 40 year internet marketer with a full time job will sit down after dinner every night, build a large enough income online to quit his full time job. What is it that separates these 2 types of people? Is it their maturity, their experience or their work ethic? Neither.

When working just 3 hours a day, your time sitting at the computer becoming so concentratedly productive, that you get in the same amount of work as a jobless 18 year old who sites at the computer 8-14 hours a day. You begin to value your time and know that you need to get your work done now, because you won’t have time later.

These older people then build a small income working just weeknights and weekends and realize that if they scaled exactly what they are doing to 8 hours a day, they could make a better living than they do at their day job. They stabilize a small, working system and scale it by spending more time on it.

Teenagers will spend the entire day on the computer from day one, and bounce from method to method, trying to find a way to make money. Older people have no time to ditch what they are working on and the progress they’ve made to go start something new while teenagers don’t even think twice because they know they have a full day worth of time to work on this new idea tomorrow. They don’t realize that their schedule-less teenage days will soon come to an end.

Also teenagers have no planning, as they never step back from the computer and look at the big picture. This is why so many entrepreneurs start their day so early, but still don’t start work until 8 am or 9 like most people. They start their day thinking about their plans, the big picture and close it the same way, reflecting on how far along their plans and schedule they made it. Did they make enough progress today?

At some point, you have to sit back and reflect on your work and plan for the next work session. Some entrepreneur use a pen and paper beside their bed to plan and reflect. By working a little less, and planning a little more, teenage entrepreneurs could achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

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