Josh MacDonald

Now that you finally made it here, let me tell you a bit about what I’ve been doing for better part of the past decade. Throughout highschool I’ve been employing and managing several programmers. At the age of 16, I sold of $100,000 worth of my software, Keyword Scout, and have been features in many online magazines and blogs for it. Lately I’ve been working to stabilize my income with my latest projects.

ShoutOurBiz is a social media shoutout consultancy and brokerage of mine. We work with big brands and social media influencers to bring modern, effective and affordable product placement to large social network audiences.

SEOExpositor is a SEO (search engine optimization) analyzation tool used by SEO agencies to generate reports on perspective or paying clients. The reports are a 10 paged PDF that can be printed for direct mailing or emailed as an attachment.